Q Barrier Freestanding Stanchion

The Freestanding Q Barrier Stanchion elegantly guides and directs visitors without clashing with the display or decor.

Freestanding Q Barriers - Absolute Product

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Effective Barrier Control

We designed this 'full height' barrier system to guide and control visitors. It is ideally suited to directing the flow of visitors at entrances to exhibits, for ticketing or handling large numbers, or for managing areas where a queue can form. It is both a physical and visual message dictating accessibility and ensuring that queuing is an orderly and defined process.

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Price: $272.00

Key Features of the Q Barrier Freestanding Stanchion

  • Neutral, clean lines that blend with the environment
  • Stable base with non-skid/scratch pads
  • Flexible, easy to reconfigure design
  • Elasticated cord that gently tugs and effectively guides
  • Easy to assemble
  • Modular components to accommodate informative signage

Freestanding Barrier Design

The proportions and detailing have been designed to complement museum, gallery and display environments with clean lines and neutral finishes.

The Q Barrier features a wide stable base plate, straight post and tamper proof cap which supports our discreet elastic cord that replaces those dreadful droopy ropes. Simple, effective and ideally suited for flexible layouts.

There is also a range of signage options that will attach easily and securely to the barrier to assist with informing and directing visitors.

Dimensions and Finish

Freestanding Q Barriers are available in Stainless Steel finish. Our standard size is 36" high with a 13" diameter base. The width of the upright is 1.25".

Useful Tips and Guidelines

We recommend up to 2.5 metres as the ideal spacing between barriers, but this can be adjusted slightly to suit individual layouts.

For the best finish, it is important to ensure that theElasticated Cord maintains a level straight line between barriers.

For more permanent installations, please see our Floor Socket or Surface Mounted versions.

What’s included

1 x Upright with Stainless Steel Top Cap
1 x Stainless Steel Base
1 x Stainless Steel Cover Plate
1 x Allen Key

You may also require: Elasticated Cord, Barrier Signage


Download the installation instructions below or for any questions contact our support team on:

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Q Barrier Freestanding Stanchion
Freestanding Q Barriers - Absolute Product

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