Label Holders

Our Label Holders help you to display information about artwork clearly and discreetly.

Label Holders

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Label Holder

The Label Holder is an industry standard. This is one product that we haven’t invented. Having said that, we have completely re-engineered it to make it slimmer, stronger and cost-effective.

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Price: $11.76

Key Features of the Label Holders

  • Display information clearly and discreetly
  • Choice of orientation (landscape or portrait)
  • Choice of sizes up to A3
  • All-Acrylic or Aluminium-Backed presentation
  • Simple clear or low-reflective covers available

Inform Effectively and Discreetly

The objective is to offer information in the simplest, least distracting manner possible, and the Label Holder does this by displaying information about the artwork in an easy to read and discreet manner. Close enough to inform but not so close as to distract. The Label Holder works by sliding the cover to one side and inserting the information ‘label’.

Dimensions and Finish

The Label Holder is available in two versions; Aluminium Backed or All Acrylic.

The Aluminium Backed version of our Label Holder has a thinly extruded aluminium backplate with a clear or low reflect acrylic cover. It has the advantage of being extremely slim, robust (it will last far longer than the all acrylic version), cost-effective and comes with a single screw fixing (on the smaller sizes) to aid positioning and levelling. Sizes range from 100mm x 50mm to A3 Landscape. See the drop down menu above for full list.

The All Acrylic version is a more traditional version of the Label Holder which does everything the aluminium backed version can although it is slightly thicker. Please be aware that the covers cannot be interchanged. Each Label Holder is made as a complete piece and the fit of the cover and backplate is unique. For the best use, we advise you to keep both parts as a matched pair. They also come with a single screw fixing (on the smaller sizes) to aid positioning and levelling.

Useful Tips and Guidelines

For the smaller sizes of Label Holder with a single screw fixing, displays that may be subject to touching by the public can be ‘fixed in place’ by putting a small dab of blue tack in one corner on the back of the Label Holder. Then when the holder is level and the screw tightened, it will remain in that position.

When fixing the Label Holder to the wall, we recommend using a 3.5mm dia' screw for our small 100 x 50mm Label Holders, and a 4mm dia' screw for all other sizes.

When installing on a fabric-covered wall, a screw fixing will probably damage the surface of the material. In this instance we recommend using one of the hardened steel pins with a shallow brass head from picture hanger hooks, as these will sit within the countersink and pierce between the fabric threads, leaving little or no damage, even, when done carefully, on silk covered walls.

What’s included

1 x Backing Plate
1 x Acrylic Cover
All Label Holders are supplied with countersunk holes ready for screw fixing


Download the installation instructions below or for any questions contact our support team on:

(833) 868-7386


Label Holders

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