L Bracket 75mm

The L Bracket is the perfect solution for hanging very large artworks and when extra support is required.

L Bracket

Our Strongest Support

The L Bracket is the recommended support for wide or very heavy paintings. Two or more of these brackets are used to form a ledge beneath the artwork, which supports the bottom section of particularly heavy or wide paintings, thereby removing the strain from the corner joints.

Price: $88.20 (Excl. VAT)

Key Features of the L Bracket 75mm

  • Recommended for very heavy or wide artworks
  • Hang artworks up to 500kg
  • Use in conjunction with Large or Extended Ryman Hangers
  • Perfect solution for heavily glazed artworks
  • Immensely strong and rust proof

Added Peace of Mind

The L Bracket is particularly useful for hanging heavily glazed works. When the weight of the artwork is supported by the 'L' bracket, it is then secured against the wall with Ryman Hangers or mirror plates.

Dimensions and Finish

The L Bracket is formed from 5mm thick stainless steel with a neoprene pad on the ledge to provide grip for the artwork. The bracket is 170mm high x 50mm wide with a 75mm projection. Each set comprises two brackets.

Useful Tips and Guidelines

The size and nature of the artwork will determine the quantity and positioning of the brackets. In the majority of circumstances, it’s appropriate to use two brackets per picture placed a little way in from each corner.

The L Bracket will not rust and can therefore be painted to match the colour of the wall.

What’s included

2 x L Brackets

What you will also need: Wall Fixings


Download the installation instructions below or for any questions contact our support team on:

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L Bracket 75mm

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